Ultra-low latency, Safe and reliable, Fast and HD

Provide speedy, stable, expert cloud live services, offering one-stop solution focusing on different bussiness's live streaming needs.
2000+ Global PoPs Better quality, lower cost and well-established function
120 Tbps bandwidth Large banwidth storage, 120T+ bandwith
50+ Countries and Regions Cover 5 continents, 50 countries and 2000+ PoPs all over the world
Cloud Live Pack
Live Camera Broadcasting Up to 5% off
Live cam and real-time monitor solutions Combine video media AI and VOD of Tecent Cloud to render full support to real-time monitoring, AI security, tourist spots live cams, etc.
Live Video Broadcasting Up to 5% off
uitable for those events that are with around 1,000 audience such as KOL live-streaming and E-commerce live stream. With global CDN nodes and industry-leading media AI technologies, we are able to deliver professional and stable service of live stream transcoding, distribution, broadcasting across the globe.
Live Event Broadcasting Up to 5% off
Recommended for larger concert, live broadcasting events with over 10,000 audience. Providing exclusive watching experience with ultra-low, millisecond level latency. Especially for senerios such as concert , online education, sport events that place stricter requirements on stream latency.
Tencent Cloud's Global CSS solution.

Product Advantage

Outstanding Performance Cloud Live is based on the experience that Tencent Cloud accumulated while dedicating in the field of media for years. It provide the support of ultra-low latency, ultra-high definition and ultra-high concurrency access, meeting the demands of live streaming.
Powerful Function Cooperate with SDK, IM, Cloud VOD, Tencent image AI etc., supporting functions incluing live streaming voice chat, beauty filters and screen recording.
AI Recognition AI Recognition can effectively identify and review live content, and through intelligent learning and image analysis, realize functions including intelligent underage content and customer tracking.
Fitting into all scenario With the aim of meeting the needs in different scenario, we can customize plans according to the parameters in live streaming such as high concurrency, up streaming, low latency, providing more cost effective services.
Safe and secured Mutiple live streaming encryption technology enables comprehensive detection and prevention, making piracy impossible. We also provide our users professional DRM solutions to protect safety of the videos completely.
Data analysis Analyze real-time live stream data usage and control up streaming quality as a means to provide detailed statistics, helping to expand the bussiness efficiently.